What Is an Offerwall? How to use it to monetize your site or app?

Offerwall is an advertising tool designed in 2009, meant for publishers and advertisers providing user engagement solutions to expand their business at global levels. The primary objective of offerwall is to implement monetization and advertising solutions for websites, mobile apps, and games.

This post will acquaint you with offerwall and how it helps you monetize your site or mobile apps. Let’s dive in!

What Is Offerwall?

Offerwall is a platform that offers advertising and monetization solutions that transform digital content to a revenue source via promotional product offers and services. Such offers encourage the urge in customers to go through a survey, complete watching a video, install apps or other tasks in return for rewards.

It introduces a series of offers, which brings website or app revenue for the publishers on completion. As for advertisers, Offerwall enables them to reach a broader audience for their products or services.

How To Monetize Your Site Or App Using Offerwall?

Offerwall is simply easy to follow and implement. Going through the following steps is how you monetize your site or app using offerwall. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into it.

Boost Ad Revenue

Offerwalls are designed predominantly to increase revenue for apps and websites. They are incredibly polished, delivering high eCPMs for app developers. Android eCPMs can go up to $940 in the US. That is mainly because the advertisers approve of spending enormous sums for bigger and better events and quality users.

Provides Better User Experience

The offerwall is inclusive-natured, which means it is user-initiated. They let all the decisions rest upon the user. It is, therefore, upon you whether or not to engage with it. Offerwalls ensure no disturbance of the app flow or the user experience.

Factually speaking, there’s more to them. They offer their users premium content access for free.

Increase Retention

Offerwall engagement is related to stronger user retention. One of the bonus features of using offerwall is that, for instance, gamers can access the premium content of a game they’re into instead of giving up when they’re out of coins. Offerwalls engage such users in a game for a more extended period with such offers.

In fact, offerwall users receive relatively about 5-7x higher retention at the D7, D14, and D30 marks.

In-App Purchases

Offerwall users receive more from in-app purchases. They are about 10-14x more prone to register for an in-app purchase than non-Offerwall users. You also get a hint of the premium content you were not a part of previously. That lets you make the in-app purchase subsequently and voluntarily.

How It Works

The working of offerwall is pretty simple and easy to follow:

  • Access the offerwall with the help of some UI button inside a game
  • Choose the suitable offer for an exchange of a reward
  • Learn the steps essential to complete the offer
  • Track the progress made for every task you perform
  • Collect the reward once you’re done completing the task

End Notes

Offerwall allows you to make monetization super easy with offers in exchange for rewards. It enables you to monetize non-paying users through surveys, videos, iOS or Android apps. With every offer that you complete, you earn a virtual reward, and your site generates revenue.

Not only this, but offerwall also offers access to the leading global advertising networks to increase revenue for non-converting users. Once you set up the offerwall widget, your site or mobile app gets flooded with offers you might be interested in. For every offer you complete, you turn your audience to a revenue source.

Offerwall offers you just the advertising and monetizing platform you’ve been looking for!

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