Personalize Your Offerwall: Monlix’s Customization Tools and 8 Unique Themes

In today’s app industry, offerwalls are considered key monetization tools for effective revenue generation. This, with possible increases in user acquisition, retention, and engagement, makes offerwalls an excellent choice for monetary growth.

However, to have your users engaged with an offerwall, having it adapted to the specific design of your app helps significantly. Fitting the aesthetic of its app and having the ability to modify and customize it according to your, and your users’ needs is essential. – A well-made offerwall should provide an optimal user experience, making the interactions enjoyable, and, most importantly, provide easy integration, making the setup uncomplicated for any publisher.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into finer detail regarding the customization details of Monlix’s offerwall and showcase our 8 unique themes.


One of the worries developers come across when deciding on their means of app monetization is the complexity of the implementation process. This, by no means, is a deal-breaker, but it does play a part in the decision-making. After all, the simplicity of integration is the key.

Luckily, in the case of Monlix’s offerwall, the process is as straightforward as can be. The effort required for the complete setup is minimal. Considering all the factors, when looking to equip your app with new means of profit, it’s best to look for convenience both on the user's part and the creator’s.


The importance of in-depth customization of an offerwall is instrumental for several reasons: First and foremost, the theme and colors of an offerwall design should match the app in which it is integrated. What’s more, your app is an extension of your brand, and consistency is key. You should be able to incorporate an offerwall that matches the primary colors of your brand and align it with your app’s visuals, as well as the brand’s identity. Achieving this will provide a cohesive and recognizable look that resonates with your users.

This, however, does not mean that offerwall designs have to completely fit the aesthetic of your app. In some cases, it’s even preferable to have a slightly different and distinctive look, although this should always be accommodating to your users’ tastes. It’s important to remember that colors have the ability to captivate and leave a lasting impression on people, and utilizing this can greatly impact your monetization.

Another vital point of offerwall customization is the ability to adapt offers to the order that suits your requirements. With Monlix’s you can arrange your offer wall per your preferences, making its management considerably easier. One of the ways of adapting the layout to your needs is the tabs option, which allows you to select the order of the tabs as well as what each tab shows (offers, surveys, PTCs, etc). You can also choose to have only one type of offers – for example, you can select only to show surveys and effectively make a surveywall. This customization lets you select any combination of items and their layout, providing an arrangement that caters to your user base.

Aside from this, you can also adjust your default offers sorting order according to the usual formats (recommended, high-to-low, low-to-high, newest) or make a custom array by making your own ordering.

Speaking of customization – it should also be noted that, should the need arise, the option to quickly and freely alter your choice of themes, tabs, and sorting at any given time is a major upside. These changes are real-time and can be done entirely inside the dashboard, without any need for any outside alterations.

Making UX More Engaging

Now that we’ve gone over all the customization and integration advantages – let’s talk about why and how this directly benefits your app.

Apart from their visual appeal, these themes are designed with user experience (UX) in mind. Monlix understands the importance of keeping users engaged, and the themes are optimized to provide an intuitive user journey. By offering a visually appealing and user-friendly offerwall design, you can enhance user engagement and increase the likelihood of users completing offers, ultimately boosting your revenue. Monlix recognizes that every app has its unique branding and visual identity and that individual offerwall designs should reflect that uniqueness.


Having covered the integration, customization, and UX, let's explore each of Monlix’s eight themes in detail:

1. Fireworks: With its vibrant oranges, Fireworks theme adds a festive touch to your offerwall. Whether it fits your app’s theme or is just perfect for special occasions when you want to create a sense of celebration.

2. Coral: The Coral theme brings a combination of blues and yellows to your offerwall. This theme is particularly effective for apps related to relaxation, wellness, or aquatic themes. If you prefer a unique color theme for each season, Coral is the perfect choice for summer.

3. Spectre: This theme offers futuristic dark blues with neon magenta details. Spectre adds a sense of modernity, making them visually captivating and appealing to users who appreciate cutting-edge aesthetics.

4. Monlix: The Monlix theme represents the essence of our brand. It features a clean and minimalist design of the classic Monlix bright greens. This theme’s sleek style is versatile and can be applied to various types of apps.

5. Gifty: Gifty is all about bringing a touch of playfulness and surprise to the offerwall. With colorful coins and gift boxes, this theme creates a sense of anticipation and joy for users engaging with your offers. Gifty draws special attention to the main selling point of offerwalls – the rewards.

6. GhostCoin: A unique combo of dark blues and aquamarine, adding an element of intrigue and uniqueness to the offerwall. This theme is for apps related to gaming.

7. Macrocosm: The Macrocosm theme takes a futuristic approach by combining dark blues with neon oranges. This theme works well for platforms that involve science, astronomy, or exploration.

8. Texas: Embrace the wild west with the Texas theme. This theme features cowboy-inspired dark and gold elements, adding a touch of adventure and authenticity to the offerwall. It's an excellent choice for platforms related to Western culture, travel, or outdoor activities.

To Wrap Up…

If you’re seeking to add an offerwall to your app, you should make sure to go with the option that has a simple integration with no fuss, letting you modify it to fit your preferences.

Monlix's offerwall has multifaceted customization and is easy to integrate into apps, providing a convenient solution for app monetization. With 8 unique themes, you can personalize the offerwall design to match your app's aesthetic and brand identity, creating a cohesive and recognizable look. Additionally, our offerwall lets you adapt it according to your optimal arrangement, making the layout straightforward and simpler to navigate for your users.

Become Our Partner:

Set up an offerwall that aligns with your app and brand’s aesthetic, boosting your revenue by up to 25% and increasing user acquisition, engagement, and retention. Join Monlix for seamless integration and customization of your revenue-generating tool. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Our team is available and ready to assist you!

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