Increase User Acquisition With Offerwalls in 4 Steps

Contrary to other advertising methods – offerwalls tend to be less intrusive and depend entirely on users’ choices when it comes to engagement. To some, this way of monetization may seem purely revenue-focused. However, UA (user acquisition) opportunity is a sometimes overlooked aspect that shouldn’t be ignored.

UA Through Offerwalls

As developers launch a new app, their first and permanent objective is user acquisition. There are numerous ways to achieve this, and it is usually best to cover several methods for app growth. One of those ways is offerwalls. Alongside profits, offerwalls provide a great way to increase user retention and engagement. Additionally, data shows that users acquired through offerwalls have more potential to generate revenue.

Speaking of UA, one of the primary advantages of using offerwalls for user acquisition is that you only pay for specific events, rather than installs, ensuring your investment yields positive results. This is accomplished through the implementation of CPE (cost per engagement) models.

Offerwalls are also an excellent way to acquire users in a non-aggressive way and retain them for longer.

Steps to Follow…

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, here are some tips for the effective utilization of offerwalls in your UA campaigns. Offerwalls provide a scalable and cost-efficient method for acquiring users of high quality. To achieve consistent success, consider the following strategies:

1. Optimaze your campaigns to maximize ROAS (return on ad spend) for each specific event or action. Experiment with various campaigns to find the right balance between cost and user engagement.

2. Utilize data to identify and prioritize CPE (cost per engagement) events that yield the best results.

3. Determine the optimal cost-engagement ratio through various testing and data observation

4. Adjust your strategy to increase UA during seasonal periods, taking advantage of the increased user activity during those times.

Let’s expand on these three steps:

1. ROAS Improvement

Optimizing ROAS may prove a challenging task, therefore it is important to have a comprehensive approach to the goal you’re aiming for, ensuring to avoid needless complications.

Firstly, it should be determined if your aim is to attract a larger volume of new users, regardless of their retention and engagement. Alternatively, a limited number of selected users who will remain active for an extended time may prove the better strategy for your app. This quality-or-quantity dilemma will determine your approach:

In case you’re looking for a more dedicated user base method, deep funnel marketing is the way to go. This, unsurprisingly, may result in fewer users, but it will alternatively result in more loyal and engaged users. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for the quantity approach of gathering a more significant amount of new users, aiming for more widespread marketing is the best choice, going with the top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) marketing.

It is also worth mentioning that either of those approaches requires a detailed and continuous adjustment and fine-tuning dependent on both the user base and the directions your app is moving.

2. CPE Event Streamlining

When it comes to optimizing CPE events, the general rule of thumb is to follow data and adjust accordingly for optimal user retention and long-term engagement. Observing data will give a clear insight into the users’ practices, making it easier to select the right events for your audience.

The ideal events are the ones that grab the user’s interest and correlate with their IAP (in-app purchases) or subscriptions. Keeping users interested means increased retention, and in combination with a regular stream of income from those users, your events will garner higher ROAS and provide a significant increase in LTVs (lifetime values).

Let’s say that your app is an MMORPG and that the data analysis shows that player retention is higher with users above level 15. Setting a CPE campaign that would take the players to level 15 or beyond, will, in turn, result in increased retention as well as overall revenue (LTV and ROAS) among the newly acquired paying users.

3. Cost and Engagement Balancing

Testing is another important part of user acquisition. Detailed CPE management and testing of offerwalls in general is essential when aiming for the best outcome. Running different campaigns and then comparing their numbers is a great way to ascertain a good engagement event that will have a balance between the levels of user engagement and cost. Higher user engagement will result in a higher CPE. In an instance where you are aiming to motivate users to pay for subscriptions in your app or reach higher levels in your game, the CPE will grow

. Having this in mind, the main goal is to find the sweet spot that will hold a good balance between user engagement and cost.

4. Seasonal Promotions

During holidays, it’s commonly the case that users spend significantly longer time on apps. After all, it only makes sense since everyone is at home, with more free time, looking to spend it relaxing on the sofa. This is prime time to run a virtual currency sale and use this opportunity to increase your UA numbers.

These promotions are continually showing a notable impact on both user retention and overall revenue generation, which by itself is a considerable advantage. On top of this, however, user acquisition has also seen an upswing during these periods. It’s only logical that users are more likely to start using an app if there’s a better incentive.

This being said, these promotions are not exclusively profitable during holidays, meaning you can run them even during other events, in-app or otherwise, and still reap the rewards.

Summing Up

When seeking to boost your user acquisition with offerwalls, managing the ROAS consistently with your target user base is crucial to the goal. Deciding whether you want a high number of new users or a limited amount of select but dedicated ones makes a key difference during the offerwall decision-making. Based on this, you should opt either for the top-of-the-funnel or the deep funnel method.

It’s also essential to closely follow your app’s data and tailor your offers accordingly. Try to set your offers in line with the peak user engagement numbers based on your data. If there is a threshold after which the app shows higher engagement – run your offer as a motivation to get your users up to that point.

Choose Your Offerwall

Whether you’re looking to increase your user acquisition, retention engagement, revenue, or anything in between – it’s essential to choose an offerwall provider that is able to cater to your specific goals. Monlix can help you with all offerwall requirements and work with you to achieve the optimal outcome. Feel free to contact us at your convenience!

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