What is Mobile App Mediation?

Mobile app mediation or mobile ad mediation is a monetizing platform that enables the developers and publishers to administer various ad networks via a single SDK. These solutions often involve reports and engagement metrics on a single dashboard, minimizing the work of monetization managers.

Custom reporting options allow publishers to scrutinize CTRs, eCPMs, which opens the ways for optimized ad bidding, filled ad requests, and effectively monetize multiple users.

Mediation platforms are similar to standard network platforms with few main differences.

Let’s look at the working of mediation platforms in detail.

How Does Mediation Work?

Mediation platforms use a waterfall system to optimize ad networks. They ensure the ad networks that demand the highest CPM for each ad impression. Whenever ad developers send a request to fill an ad, the highest eCPM ad network is called to serve until it has no ads left.

Consequently, the mediation proceeds to the following network generating the highest eCPM until it has no ads left and so on.

Ad mediation platforms have resorted to in-app bidding very recently. This shift enables the app developers to generate maximum value for every impression via auctions. In these auctions, the ad sources are entitled to bid for real-time impressions.

Features Of Mobile Ad Mediation Platforms

Starting from their implementation to their integration, ad mediation platforms offer significant opportunities to the ad developers. Let’s take an in-depth look at them in this section.

Automated or Manual

With a vast array of mobile ad mediation SDK, developers can choose between automated optimization or manual waterfall approaches.

Automatic optimization saves the time spent on manual adjustment strategies and invests the added time in other relevant tasks.

On the contrary, manual water management involves the manual handling of events that have preexisting business relationships for specific ad networks.

Most of the mediation platforms go with the mechanical structure to manage tasks with limited member inputs. Small studios that cannot go for dedicated monetization managers can opt for this option for valuable time and resource savings.

Optimized Performance

After having integrated all the ad networks onto the dashboard of the automated structure of the mediation platform, you can manage them for optimizing your ad performance.

The automatic ad optimization algorithm uses real-time trends to evaluate and contrast the eCPM performance of the mediated networks.

The algorithm identifies these high eCPM ad networks to prioritize the top serving ad campaigns. Mediation platforms are inclusive towards manual priority for developers, as already mentioned, but with flat-rate eCPM agreements.

Comprehensive Reports

Mediation platforms offer you comprehensive reports that pull invaluable data of ad revenue. They also generate detailed user-specific insights via interactive ads. Mediation platforms run through a range of breakdowns and filters so that the modules can provide complete transparency of mediation performance.

An Example Of A Mediation Platform: ironSource

The ironSource mediation platform enables users to optimize the performance of their monetization strategies in their desired manner. The system can be two-fold - automated optimization and a waterfall model. You can manage direct deals side-to-side of cross-promotion campaigns.

Using the ironSource mediation platform, you can also involve in an in-app bidding environment.

Additionally, the ironSource platform also enables the developers the space to test A/B ad monetization strategies. This solution helps estimate the ad revenue complying to the level of the user. This level user can be integrated to your ironSource Adjust dashboard.

You can also sign up for extensive reports and advanced analytics of monetization strategies and many more.

End Notes

Mobile ad mediation platforms are a set of tools that allow you to manage multiple ad networks through a single SDK. There are various such platforms in the market. One such platform is ironSource.

Mediation platforms are meant to release the stress of managing data, offering automatic or manual data optimization.

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