Navigating IAP and Download Trends: Mobile Gaming Insights for 2023

In 2022, the mobile gaming landscape underwent a notable shift. After two consecutive years of growth spurred by global lockdowns, the industry faced a significant correction. The global recession, adjustments to IDFA policies, and a turbulent period in China's gaming arena all played a role in this change. This downturn, however, was not unexpected. It's a predictable adjustment after the surge in growth. And despite these headwinds, we remain confident about mobile gaming's prospects. According to Statista, even in its subdued state, it remains the most robust and profitable segment of the industry, covering 78% of the year’s video game revenue.

For those interested in the mobile gaming world and its market, we cover the key statistics of the mobile gaming market's current stature and provide insight into the future direction it may take.


Despite witnessing a revenue drop, reports a marked increase in mobile game downloads, totaling around 90 billion, an uptick of 6 billion from 2021. This surge was predominantly attributed to hyper-casual games.

Further insights from the source show that in 2022, users in countries like Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and South Korea have surpassed the average of 5 daily hours on mobile apps and games.

Globally, reports indicate that China, India, and the US were the top three mobile markets in terms of downloads in 2022. However, when assessing user spending, China remained at the forefront, with the US and Japan following closely.

From a financial perspective, the mobile app and game industry continued to showcase robust potential. revealed that in 2022, as many as 1,419 apps and games achieved revenues exceeding $10 million. Out of these, 224 apps and games surpassed the $100 million threshold, and an elite group of 10 exceeded $1 billion. 

This data does not include but also indicates the importance of other revenue streams, where offerwalls like Monlix come in handy by allowing users to collect in-game currency via offers, rewarded videos, and surveys.

Top Mobile Game Genres by IAP User Spend Worldwide

Based on 2022 statistics, the following genres ranked highest in IAP (in-app purchase) global revenue.

‏‏‎ ‎
1.RPG – $25.5 billion
2.Strategy – $12.1 billion
3.Match – $8.7 billion
4.Casino – $8.3 billion
5.Simulation – $8.1 billion
6.Action – $5.3 billion
7.Shooting – $4.8 billion
8.Sports – $2.8 billion

Top Mobile Game Genres by IAP User Spend in the US

As reported by, the following genres led in terms of user IAP (in-app purchases) spending in the US for 2022.

‏‏‎ ‎
1.Casino – $4.5 billion
2.Match – $4.5 billion
3.Strategy – $4 billion
4.RPG – $3.7 billion
5.Simulation – $2.8 billion
6.Shooting – $1 billion
7.Tabletop – $744 million
8.Puzzle – $731 million

Top Markets by Mobile Game User Spending per Store

According to, the United States and Canada’s region experienced a decline in mobile game market spending compared to the previous year, while the Greater China Region increased by nearly 20% year-to-year.

Google Play:

‏‏‎ ‎
1.United States – $9.6 billion
2.Japan – $4.4 billion
3.South Korea – $4.1 billion
4.Germany – $1.7 billion
5.Taiwan – $1.1 billion
6.United Kingdom – $1 billion
7.France – $801 million
8.Canada – $680 million
9.Australia – $564 million
10.Brazil – $510 million

iOS App Store:

‏‏‎ ‎
1.United States – $14.3 billion
2.China – $14.3 billion
3.Japan – $8.6 billion
4.Taiwan Market – $1.9 billion
5.South Korea – $1.1 billion
6.United Kingdom – $964 million
7.Canada – $877 million
8.Australia – $791 million
9.Germany – $733 million
10.Hong Kong – $717 million

Average Monthly User Spending in Mobile Games Per Device

During the pandemic, mobile app store monetization surged due to heightened mobile gaming demand and more diverse payment options. However, in the first half of 2022, Western mobile game revenues declined despite rising downloads, influenced by limited targeting and a global economic slowdown. (

‏‏‎ ‎
1.Japan – $10.3
2.Singapore – $8.1
3.South Korea – $7.1
4.United States – $6.1
5.China – $4.9
6.Saudi Arabia – $4.9
7.Australia – $4.6
8.Canada – $3.3
9.United Kingdom – $2.1
10.Germany – $2.0


Top Mobile Game Genres by Downloads Worldwide indicates that in 2022, hypercasual games were the primary contributors to download numbers.

‏‏‎ ‎
1.Hypercasual – 17.5 billion
2.Simulation – 10.1 billion
3.Action – 6.2 billion
4.Kids – 4.2 billion
5.Puzzle – 3.0 billion
6.Match – 2.8 billion
7.Shooting – 2.6 billion
8.Racing – 2.5 billion

Top Mobile Game Genres by Downloads in the US

‏‏1.Hypercasual – 1.6 billion
2.Simulation – 617 million
3.Puzzle – 375 million
4.Action – 349 million
5.Match – 240 million
6.Tabletop – 218 million
7.Kids – 212 million
8.RPG – 166 million

Top Markets by Mobile Game Download per Store

Thanks to the wider access to technology, markets such as India, Brazil, and Indonesia have seen a large increase in download figures. shares their numbers for 2022

Google Play:

‏‏‎ ‎
1.India – 9.5 billion
2.Brazil – 4.4 billion
3.Indonesia – 3.3 billion
4.United States – 2.3 billion
5.Russia – 2.3 billion
6.Mexico – 2.2 billion
7.Turkey – 1.7 billion
8.Vietnam – 1.5 billion
9.Philippines – 1.5 billion
10.Egypt – 1.2 billion

iOS App Store:

‏‏‎ ‎
1.United States – 2.2 billion
2.China 1.3 billion
3.United Kingdom – 362 million
4.Japan – 356 million
5.Russia – 284 million
6.Vietnam – 268 million
7.France – 228 million
8.Germany – 212 million
9.Brazil – 203 million
10.Saudi Arabia – 194 million

Wrapping up…

Despite facing a global recession, 2022 saw a significant increase in downloads. The geographical and genre-specific trends in user spending and engagement indicate a diversified and evolving market. Although a revenue decline was noted, the rise in download numbers underscores the enduring potential of the mobile gaming market. With emerging markets like India, Brazil, and Indonesia displaying a surge in downloads, and consistent revenue generation from leading markets, the mobile gaming sector continues to hold the leading position within the gaming industry.

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